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Round Table on the Economy
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I watched your Round Table discussion on today’s program and, as I have been when watching past discussions, was amazed at the general lack of understanding of the current economy, of some panelists. The tenor of the discussion verges on hypocrisy at times and that is frightening if we have any chance of coming out of these depressionesque times.

The economic crisis we face is reminiscent of 1929, the period before The Great Depression, and though I do not agree with everything this administration is doing, I understand the need to do something. This incredible need we face seems to be lost to some on the panel.

The current economic crisis is a complex enigma that has been building for almost 30 years and requires drastic measures if we are to avoid a 2nd Great Depression. Which measures will work is, unfortunately, reliant on many things and some programs could potentially hurt more than they help.

Because we are in uncharted territory no one truly knows what is necessary to help the economy recover; what will slow the decline, what will stabilize it, what will stimulate it, or what may hurt it.

You and your entire panel need to read my opinions and views on the newly launched web site, “It’s Worth an Opinion” at: http://worthanopinion.net.

My views are from Main Street, borne of an inquisitive mind and assessing all sides of the matter before pointing multiple fingers; a common sense approach derived from my vision from the bottom of the economic pit.

Of specific interest, given the panel’s comments today will be: “Pain on Main,” and “Better Than Expected,” on the Today page. Also, on the Economics Op-Ed page you would be greatly served to read, “The Dow at 6,000,” “The Irony of Reregulation,” and “The Real Crime at AIG.”

I would invite you and any of the panelists to contact me and tell me what you think about the prescient opinions offered in many of my writings and opinions.

Thanks for your interest in my comment and in my view of the world I live in.


Jim Worth
Author, “Final Audit”

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This letter was sent in response to the Round Table discussion on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Panels on many of these news shows do not seem to grasp the severity of our financial crisis. Submitted to Fox News Sunday on CNBC, April 19th, 2009.